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Why us?

Cleansed and Charged Crystals

  • It is important to buy your crystals from a safe and positive environment. Crystals pick up and absorb the energy from their surroundings, including negative energies.   
  • Our standard operating procedure: 
    • Once we get the crystals from our suppliers, we immediately cleanse and charge them 
    • We also cleanse and charge them monthly to ensure the frequencies of the crystals remain high.
    • We also keep our energy levels high and balanced to infuse the crystals with pure and good energies - which is why some customers have commented that they ‘feel good vibes’ from the crystals and even witnessed a boost in luck!
    • After making your bracelets, we cleanse and charge them before sending your package out.

After-care Service

  • We believe in providing quality service even after your purchase. 
  • Is your bracelet not sized correctly? Did your crystal bracelet break? Are your rhinestones and charms tarnished? Please send it back to us to fix it!
  • Refer to our Restringing Policy here

Educational Packaging

  • One of our visions is to spread the knowledge of crystals and the benefits that they’ve furnished us with. Each crystal comes with a booklet that contains a parable to illustrate the benefits of your crystal. 

Authentic and Quality Crystals

  • Our crystals are 100% authentic and sourced from various countries. Each crystal has its unique frequency, and for those who’re more sensitive and intuitive, we urge you to connect with our high-frequency and top-grade crystals.

Fuss-free and Personalised Recommendation

  • We understand that you might need clarification on which crystals suit your needs. Our team aims to clear all your uncertainties and guide you in understanding your needs for finding the crystal bracelet that suits you. This way, we can better recommend you according to your needs, budget, and preference in colour theme.

Powerful Crystal Combinations

  • Each crystal combination is energetically tested before we launch them. With our intuitive and energetically attuned team, we carefully curate each crystal combination to create a more powerful bracelet with amplified functions.