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Crystals for Pisces

Pisces are highly intuitive, creative, and intelligent. Their deep intuition and sympathetic nature make them excellent listeners and advisers. Pieces are also extremely loyal to their friends and family. While they appear sociable, Pisces prefer small groups of people to large crowds and are often closed off as they only open up to a selective few. Pisces are also generally quiet individuals who prefer to listen and observe rather than speak in social situations.

They also enjoy participating in outdoor activities, particularly those involving water. When they set their minds to it, Pisces can complete their tasks quickly and effectively. However, Pisces can become depressed when they are overwhelmed by their emotions. They do have a tendency to overthink and become too involved in problems. Here are some crystals that are recommended for Pisces.


Known as a protective and lucky crystal, Amethyst guards you against psychic attacks and ensures you don't get affected by negative energies from others. It is also a good crystal to have for growing and building your personal wealth. It also helps with growing your business or sharing abundance with your loved ones. In your professional pursuits, it fosters creative outputs and brilliant ideas, while promoting clear thought for better foresight.

It will also help with your decision making process by giving you a clear mind. It also helps you find the words in difficult situations, so you are able to articulate your ideas. In your romantic life, Amethyst will also allow you to understand your own needs, wants and desires in a relationship, and break down walls and release fears and worries about love. It also removes lethargy in your relationship, while rekindling the passion. In times of heartbreaks, Amethyst will also heal you, and remove any stress or anxieties. See Amethyst x Frosted Quartz here.

Rainbow Fluorite

Known for its swirling bands of rainbow colours, it has a calming effect on both the mind and body, relieving all tensions and anxieties. It helps you express your grief, anger and fear, and heals you from whatever that is hurting you. It is also particularly good for assisting with focus and creativity.

Fluorite will declutter and get rid of things and people who are no longer healthy for you. It will also ensure you have better decision making abilities. It will also manifest your ideas, bringing your plans to fruition. It also has energies that will increase your intuition and self confidence, and also promotes psychic wholeness and spiritual development. See Rainbow Fluorite here.


This beautiful blue crystal is known for its exceptional cleansing and healing purposes as it cleanses the body of off traumas. It also heals your spirit and clears past emotional, physical, or verbal abuse. It cleanses your energy by removing emotional baggage and is also helpful in moving through transitions as it helps you overcome the fear of the unknown. Aquamarine is also a big help in your professional pursuits as it helps you rise to the top in the tricky world of business.

It improves your intellectual prowess so you can come up with solutions quickly and logically, and it also helps make your ideas shine and aids you to be more persuasive. It is a powerful crystal that will attract prosperity and abundance and good luck and fortune.

Aquamarine also inspires many love and relationship benefits, removing love, commitment, or intimacy fears. It also helps you become more sensitive to the needs and feelings of your partner, as it also imbues you with tolerance and understanding. See Aquamarine (Stainless Steel Tail Charm) here.

Blue Lace Agate

Known as a Stone of Creativity, Blue Lace Agate unleashes the artistic side in you. It is also known to promote calmness, compassion, and an overall positive outlook in life. It also helps you neutralise your anger and deal with intense emotions with a level head and a calm heart. It also helps you with your communication issues. You will also have a more cheerful outlook, and a more positive attitude. It cleanses your aura from all negativity and replaces them with only positive ones. It will also sooth your fears and calm your emotions when you begin to feel anxious, and you will be more confident with your decisions. It also gives you the strength and courage to carry on when you’re facing challenges, and has a remarkable ability to influence the people you come into contact with. 

Blue Lace Agate is also known to enhance wealth, abundance, and good luck, as it invites peace and prosperity, as well as health and longevity. In your romantic life, it helps couples get over a rough patch and fosters honesty and loyalty. You will be faithful to each other, and your relationship will only get stronger. It also promotes maturity, composure, and stability in your relationship and helps you overcome challenges and strengthen the love that you share. See Blue Lace Agate x Frosted Quartz (S925 Angel) Bracelet here.

Labradorite x Black Tourmaline

Known as a protective and lucky crystal, Labradorite protects you from any kind of misfortune, and from making any decisions that may lose you money. In your professional pursuits, it also warns you about the people who you cannot trust and projects that you cannot take. It will also assist you with the changes and transitions that will happen in professional life, and helps you deal with the everyday challenges in business or your workplace. Its energy also equips you to be successful, and has the gift of strength, courage, self-confidence, inspiration and perseverance. In a workplace setting, it fosters a good work environment and brings out the best in everyone, while inspiring full concentration on a task. It also fosters better connections with people. See Labradorite x Black Tourmaline Bracelet here


Sodalite is a good crystal to use for business because it promotes friendship and camaraderie. It also works best for artists, actors, and performers because it promotes confidence, communication and creativity. It also improves your productivity and efficiency, while ensuring you have flawless transactions and productive days. It also improves your intuition and judgement, so people, events, or situations won’t easily dissuade you.

Sodalite also gets rid of guilt, irrational fears, and emotional baggage, while cleansing your aura, heart and mind. Sodalite also inspires many love and relationship benefits by helping you find ways to resolve issues that might plague your relationship. If you’re married and going through a rough patch, it can cleanse your auras so that all bitterness, anger, resentment, or jealousy. With Sodalite’s energies of persistence, you will feel committed to the person you love and be more optimistic when it comes to your viewpoints on life and love. See Sodalite Towers here.