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Crystals for Taurus

Taurus are down-to-earth and persistent people who like to stay away from the spotlight. They are practical and have an almost hard-headed sense of principles. They are also very well aware of what is acceptable in social situations and business settings and also easily gain people’s trust due to their reliability. However, they are not very good with situations that deviate from the norm, and they struggle with keeping up with wilder, and more spontaneous people. Here are some crystals suitable for Taurus: 


Kyanite symbolises new beginnings, and it makes way for new opportunities. It is also a good luck stone when it comes to wealth and career, and is a crystal of growth - making career/ businesses grow and expand fast as it signifies expansion. It is also a grounding crystal that anchors you to reality and bridges communication gaps while keeping you calm in stressful situations. It also enhances your telepathic and psychic abilities. It helps you develop new interests, learn new skills, and build your knowledge. In professional pursuits, Kyanite is a handy crystal when you’re about to make a sales presentation/ close a deal as it brings luck to negotiations, and affects energies in the room to work in your favour. When the responsibility for coordinating a large number of people arises, Kyanite helps you stay on top of your game. It also helps you gain compassionate appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Kyanite’s energy will also help you make your envisions of a relationship come true, and inspire loyalty, peace and patience. It also repairs damaged relationships and ensures couples come to terms with the differences. See Kyanite x Black Tourmaline Bracelet here.


Known as the stone of success, abundance and manifestation, Amazonite attracts fortune and luck. It is also an empowering crystal that helps you to search and discover their truth while increasing self esteem, self-discipline and mental clarity. It also soothes traumas and calms the mind, alleviates worry and fear, and urges the mind to seek emotional and mental balance. It is also an excellent stone for those who are artistic and creative. It removes fear, grief, loneliness and replaces it with love, joy, and enthusiasm. It also helps you to express something to someone you love and helps couples become closer. See Amazonite & Frosted Quartz (Silver Fish Charm) Bracelet here.


Known as the crystal of purity, protection and cleansing, Selenite protects you from any form of psychic attack. It is also a great crystal to have to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It is also known as a stone of love, making everything you want in your romantic life possible. It is a grounding crystal and helps to draw focus and attention to the present and is good for those who’re easily distracted. It also brings you on your way to spiritual enlightenment and aids emotional well-being, flexibility, and intuition. While working on professional projects, it helps to attract like-minded people together. It also helps you work effectively and is good to have when dealing with anything money related. It also attracts positive love vibrations, and helps you search for love. It also helps to keep a relationship going and infuses your life with love. See Selenite Stone here.


Known as a crystal of wealth, love, creativity and opportunities, Jade assists your creativity, and offers you innovative ideas. It also guides you in making the right decisions when it comes to your career or your business, and gives you the motivation to keep you working on your goals. It also opens your mind to new opportunities, and breaks those ideas into practical and profitable steps. It also helps you attract and connect with those who believe in your ideas to your side. It will also neutralise any negative or harmful karmic influence and unhealthy emotional issues and keeps you strong and optimistic when you find yourself in a negative love situation. In times of sadness, it helps you process your hurt, anger, and sadness and turns your weaknesses into strengths. It also balances your yin and yang energies to have a better understanding of love, romance, and the opposite sex. See Jade Bracelet here.


Known as a stone of luck, wealth and power, Pyrite generates wealth by increasing prosperity. It also inspires your inner entrepreneur powerfully and positively influences you in your business decisions, while keeping you optimistic about financial prospects. Most importantly, it shows you how to attune yourself to energies of wealth, prosperity and abundance. It also stirs qualities of ambition, commitment, and perseverance, and is ideal for students as it taps into one’s abilities and stimulates a flow of ideas and creativity. It also enhances powers of persuasion, making you more magnetic to people. Pyrite also boosts self-confidence and persistence by enhancing willpower during tough times and supports your actions and decisions that are necessary for personal success and growth. It is also a protective stone by guarding you against all kinds of negativity, manipulation, criticisms and even fake friends and those who want to meddle in your relationships. See Pyrite x Black Agate Bracelet here.


Known as the stone of love and fortune, Malachite attracts all things good when it comes to money, wealth and opportunities. It also symbolises abundance, expansion and new beginnings and is a good talisman for new business ventures. It is good for the career-minded and businessmen as it has properties for open-mindedness, fresh ideas and luck. It also gives you strength and wisdom in your professional pursuit. Additionally, Malachite protects your relationship by absorbing the negativity around you by releasing all unwanted feelings that can harm you and your relationship. It gives you emotional healing from past traumas and negative experiences and promotes healthy relationships that are based on love. It also aids growth, development, creation and renewal. It has great visionary powers that can effectively ward off negative events from happening, as it keeps you safe and protects you against accidents. See Malachite x Frosted Clear Quartz Bracelet here.