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Crystals for Cancer

Cancerians are deeply sentimental people who have strong family ties. They also enjoy being with their families and close friends and dislike small talk and socialising with strangers. Their strong attachment to family and deep friendships is what makes them such wonderful people. Cancerians will always defend you, even though they are not confrontational. They are also highly sensitive and empathic individuals. Cancerians are also prone to mood swings and can quickly become withdrawn, impatient, insecure, and suspicious.  When it comes to family and close friends, Cancerians are generally selfless, but during tough moments, they may feel the need to be reciprocated for the things they do for others. Others, on the other hand, may not understand, which may lead to conflict. Here are some crystals suitable for Cancerians:


Carnelian, Orange Moonstone, Rose Quartz

This trio is known as a love talisman. If you’re looking for love or want to keep love in your life, then this trio is perfect for you! It will also manifest your desires in your love life, by surrounding you with light and pure energies to attract love and romance into your aura. Trio also symbolises love, abundance, fertility and helps reunite lovers who parted from anger. 

In your professional pursuits, it helps you excel in your chosen field by adding more enthusiasm, and attracts good vibrations that increase the level of prosperity and abundance. It will also ensure you’re committed to both your personal and business success. It will also keep your mind quick, sharp and motivated, while filling you with passion and excitement. 

If you want to have more success in your money dealings and business ventures, this trio can attract a fortune! It is also a protection stone as it keeps you safe from misfortune. It is also suitable for those who struggle with low self-esteem or self-worth as it restores confidence, balances emotions, and releases stress and anger. It also increases your creativity and intuition and evokes patience by teaching you the value of working with divine time. See Sienna Bracelet here.

Honey Calcite x Rose Quartz

This duo is known to emit comforting energies that are beneficial during times of stress. It also has energies that inspire courage and confidence. It is also good for those who struggle with low self esteem or self worth. This duo also balances negative emotions and supports you in times of grief,  betrayal or emotional trauma.
It helps those who need to heal from abuse by healing the emotional wound. 

The pair is also good for professional pursuits as it helps you focus on achieving the goals you desire while also boosting your memory and insights. It also releases blockages in creativity and productivity and can be used to combat laziness and procrastination. As it brings more motivation, inspiration and hope, you will feel energised in all aspects, especially when it comes to your financial life. 

Duo is also a lucky charm for making and keeping wealth and abundance, and is also recommended for those starting new businesses or projects. It’ll attract good luck, especially if you are looking for something to give you strong monetary returns. This duo also inspires many love and relationship benefits by helping you find true love, making a home for your loved ones, and to have a stable and secure future. It also eliminates any trace of sluggish or stagnant energy in your relationships. See  Honey Calcite x Rose Quartz Bracelet here.

Pink Opal

Known as the stone of good fortune and luck, Pink Opal brings an abundance of wealth into your life. It also helps you manifest your desires and is also credited with the power to bring progress into financial lives. It also has a reputation of helping us to be in the right place at the right time and enhances the abilities to see opportunities that others cannot. Pink Opal is good to have with you when trying to make an impression on new clients or business partners. 

Pink Opal is an amazing emotional stabiliser and balancer as it helps you regulate and balance your emotions, especially for those who have mood swings. It is also an excellent tool for promoting self-awareness and helps you to let go of the traumas while offering you emotional protection and support. In times of heartbreaks, Pink Opal cleanses and revitalises you and it also helps ailing relationships by bringing the passion back. It also infuses your relationship with loyalty and faithfulness. 

Pink Opal also inspires originality, happiness and boosts your confidence and creativity. It is also a highly absorbent, protective, and reflective crystal as it will absorb energies and vibrations of people around you, including negative and harmful ones, and reflect them back to their source. It also helps you explore hidden emotions, and identify your true desires, leading you to a path of self-love and happiness. See Pink Opal x Frosted Quartz (S925 Angel) here


Known as the crystal of purity, protection and cleansing, Selenite protects you from any form of psychic attack. It is also a great crystal to have to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It is also known as a stone of love, making everything you want in your romantic life possible. It is a grounding crystal and helps to draw focus and attention to the present and is good for those who’re easily distracted. 

It also brings you on your way to spiritual enlightenment and aids emotional well-being, flexibility, and intuition. While working on professional projects, it helps to attract like-minded people together. It also helps you work effectively and is good to have when dealing with anything money related. It also attracts positive love vibrations, and helps you search for love. It also helps to keep a relationship going and infuses your life with love. See Selenite Heart Stone here.


This beautiful blue crystal is known for its exceptional cleansing and healing purposes as it cleanses the body of off traumas. It also heals your spirit and clears past emotional, physical, or verbal abuse. It cleanses your energy by removing emotional baggage and is also helpful in moving through transitions as it helps you overcome the fear of the unknown. 

Aquamarine is also a big help in your professional pursuits as it helps you rise to the top in the tricky world of business. It improves your intellectual prowess so you can come up with solutions quickly and logically, and it also helps make your ideas shine and aids you to be more persuasive. It is a powerful crystal that will attract prosperity and abundance and good luck and fortune.

Aquamarine also inspires many love and relationship benefits, removing love, commitment, or intimacy fears. It also helps you become more sensitive to the needs and feelings of your partner, as it also imbues you with tolerance and understanding. See Aquamarine (Stainless Steel Tail Charm) Bracelet here.

Green Aventurine 

Known as a heart healer and a gambler stone, Green Aventurine is the best crystal to promote harmonious relationships and prevent toxicity, fights, and disappointments in relationships. It is a crystal of deep and natural compassion that injects new affection into a relationship, while also helping you appreciate and cherish your relationship. 

It is also known as the Gambler’s Stone and is deeply related to luck and wealth due to its attraction to wealth and prosperity. It is also good for balancing and bringing ideas while maintaining positive relationships with everyone. It also helps you see others’ perspectives and them to see yours while imbuing empathy in your interpersonal interactions. SeeGreen Aventurine (Real Gold Plated Christmas Tree) Bracelet here.