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Jewellery Care

Please note that even the brightest silver will change over time. It is common and normal for silver to tarnish as it is a product of oxidation and a result in degradation. Rusting results from the chemical reaction between oxygen and iron in the presence of moisture. Silver also tarnishes from its reaction with sulfur. Sulfur is also readily available in the environment, being present in water, wool, air, and even oils of the skin. It is near impossible for silver not to tarnish. Some ways you can keep the rhinestones and charms from tarnishing or rusting is to: 

  1. Avoid contact with water/ excessive sweat
  2. You can store silver in a cool and dry place to prevent excess tarnish
  3. Avoid exposure to humidity

Replacement of Rhinestones / Charms

In the event that the rhinestones/ charms from your crystal bracelets have rusted/ discoloured, we are happy to replace them with new rhinestones for you for free! Replacement of Charms will depend on stock availability. Please kindly send your bracelet back to our address and a delivery charge of $4 (NINJAVAN Standard Delivery) will be required for delivery back to your location. Kindly contact us via Instagram/ Facebook/ Chatbox for further instructions.