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9 Crystals every Mother needs

Pamper your mom with a gift that brings healing and love energies this Mother's Day. Check out these nine crystals that are perfect for mothers!

1. Rose Moon - $68 (UP: $76)

Known to assist women in all joys of womanhood, Rose Moon is perfect for new mothers, as it supports the bond between mothers and children, especially newborn babies. It is also believed to relieve pain during childbirth, soothe mood swings during menstrual cycles, and support hormonal changes (i.e., puberty or menopause). Also known as the love and success stone, it inspires love and trust in all relationships and, most importantly, boosts self-love and self-esteem. Its intuitive energies also attract luck, love, and success. Get Rose Moon here

2. Matchy Citrine Bracelets for Mother & Child - $74 (UP: $94)

Mothers are often so busy, and they commonly face fatigue and stress. Believed to carry the power of sun rays, Citrine is an excellent tool to bring joy and creativity. Often used as a wealth-seeking crystal, it is also a powerful attractor of love and happiness. It is also highly protective, warding off any emotional or mental threats. It also inspires dreams of wealth, success, and abundance and supports the energies in the work environment to be productive. Get matchy Citrine bracelets with your mom at $20 off a pair now. Get Mommy & Child Matchy Citrine here.

3. Pastel Odette - $47 (UP: $50)

Being a mother can be overwhelming, and Pastel Odette brings a sense of proportion and balance to any overwhelming situation. It also attracts luck, wealth, success, and fame and brings love energies to relationships while improving the quality of relationships with others. Pastel Odette also boosts self-esteem and self-worth and has soothing and loving vibrations that help with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It is also suitable for women who suffer from period problems. For single mothers who're seeking a soulmate, Pastel Odette will also attract love! Get Pastel Odette here.

4. Scarlet Red - $52 (UP: $61)

The role of motherhood is often so hectic, and inevitably, most mothers would not have the time to pursue their passion. This duo keeps them motivated and their minds clear. It also fills them with passion and excitement for what they do and inspires commitment to personal and business success. Also known as a love and wealth talisman, it attracts love, romance, luck, prosperity, and abundance. It is also a protective stone, protecting them from harm and misfortune. Get Scarlet Red here.

5. Honey Calcite x Rose Quartz - $45 (UP: $48)

Being a mother today is extremely stressful, and as strong as all mothers seem, they ultimately need comfort. Honey Calcite x Rose Quartz emits comforting energies during stress, increasing self-love and self-worth. It also boosts courage, confidence, memory, creativity, and productivity. It also keeps one energised and vitalised, soothes away the pain, and heals the emotional wounds of abuse. Get Honey Calcite x Rose Quartz here.

6. Princess Ruby - $113 (UP: $124)

For career-minded mothers who often juggle work and family time, Princess Ruby is known to attract abundant wealth to the household and is a powerful stone associated with power, luck, wealth & romance. It also brings energy and enthusiasm to relationships and strengthens bonds between parents and offspring while also improving their confidence & self-worth. Get Princess Ruby here.

7. Rainbow Fluorite - $51 (UP: $81)

Known as a cleansing and calming stone, Rainbow Fluorite is suitable for mothers who are often tense and face stress daily. Also known as the Genius Stone, it helps increase powers of concentration, memory, and decision-making. Rainbow Fluorite also brings calmness and relieves anxieties. It also helps form strong and healthy connections with people. Get Rainbow Fluorite here.

8. Pink Cherry Blossom - $49 (UP: $56)

For working and studying mothers, Pink Cherry Blossom is known to attract love, luck, wealth, success, and fame and improves the quality of relationships with others. It also improves memory, creativity, listening, and speaking skills and boosts self-esteem and self-worth. It has soothing and loving vibrations that help with depression, anxiety, and insomnia and is also suitable for women who suffer from period problems. For single mothers seeking a soulmate, Pink Cherry Blossom will also attract love! Get Pink Cherry Blossom here.

9. Rose Quartz Giftset - $133 (UP: $149)

Want to give her the ultimate care kit? Check out our Mother's Day Gift Set, consisting of all mothers' favourite crystals - all in one. Our Rose Quartz Giftset includes:

Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Necklace

Howlite Crystal Bracelet

Petrified Wood Face Roller

Scented Incense Sticks