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Students' Favourite Crystals


Enhances mental clarity, and energises the imagination by bringing in new ideas. It also calms the overactive mind, and reduces anti-social, reckless, or impulsive behaviour for those who are easily negatively influenced. Link to purchase: Labradorite x Black Tourmaline.


Inspires creativity and helps you communicate new ideas, stirs qualities of ambition, commitment, and perseverance, making it ideal for students. It also helps one overcome laziness, procrastination, and/or lack of discipline. Link to purchase: Pyrite x Black Tourmaline OR Pyrite x Golden Sheen Obsidian OR Pyrite Stone (Peru).
Rainbow Fluorite

Increases one’s powers of concentration, self confidence and aids in decision making. It also enhances creative thoughts and fosters clear communication. Link to purchase: Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet OR Fluorite Raw Stone.


Helps improve focus and concentration and aids one in generating new and wonderful ideas. Link to Purchase: Howlite (S925 Circle) OR Howlite (w/ S925 Stormtrooper).


Promotes confidence, communication and creativity and helps one have flawless transactions and productive days. Link to Purchase: Sodalite (Silver Evil Eye) Bracelet OR Sodalite Tower.